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About Asian Media Access

The mission of Asian Media Access is to connect the disconnected. AMA strives to achieve its mission through five distinctive divisions: Film Exhibition, Media Education, Media Production, Media Technology, and RICE (Reaching Immigrant with Care and Education).


Incorporated in August 1992, Asian Media Access, Inc. (AMA) is a comprehensive, multi-media based community advocacy organization.  AMA is dedicated to using multi-media arts and technology as tools for social betterment.  AMA recognizes that multi-media and technology are essential for advocacy, communication and education, in order to mobilize communities, and young people; to engage in understanding and communicating of Pan Asian issues; and to arrive at a participatory decision making process for a safe, supportive environment for all.

As multimedia is defined by the Oxford Dictionary – “using more than one medium of expression or communication including film, dance, video, audio, design, drama, acrobatics, and stage effects”.   By effectively utilizing these different tools, AMA creates as well as presents programs that educate and enrich the communities.  We believe the multi-media arts and information technology empower all of us with critical thinking and promote good citizenship—especially important as we prepare young people to be tomorrow’s leaders.  Our thought-provoking multi-media education, exhibitions, stage performances, resourceful educational products and youth programs encourage deep reflection, challenge previous assumptions, provide solace, and allow participants to develop their own way of connection in timeless works of creation, communication and community building.

Organizational Programming

AMA’s Artistic Vision   Unleashing creativity through multimedia arts and channeling risk behavior and vulnerability toward leadership, in order to challenge stereotypical beliefs and create a society that values and enriches young people’s transition into adulthood, creating a community-based response to cross cultural/generational understanding. 

The Organization’s programs are as follows:

Multimedia Arts Education – This division consists of after-school and summer programs offered to at risk youth, focusing on dance, music, theater, video and digital technology application and production. Many of our projects incorporate service-learning projects to help the youth further develop their arts techniques while simultaneously bettering the community.   Projects include:

  • MN Sunshine Dance MN Sunshine Dance – Supporting Asian American youth, ranged from 7 -25 years old to learn Asian traditional dances, and encouraging their own infusion of classic and hip hop dances.
  • Project Soundscape -- Project Soundscape aims to educate the youths and community on music arts and education. The program offers free private piano, guitar, bass, drum, and small band lessons to at-risk students that do not have the financial capacity to work in the art. For each term, students will perform a recital piece for their peers, community, and artists.
  • Youth Media Force – Supporting at risk youth to learn multi-media arts through weekly instruction, hand-on demonstration and community service learning projects.

Multimedia Arts Exhibition/Performance – AMA has been a pioneer in bringing in Asian films to American audiences.  Our regular exhibition programs include "Cinema with Passion"; annual "Chinese Film Showcase"; "Asian Funniest Commercials"; and "Asian Children's Film Festival".   Also AMA has expanded beyond film exhibition, adding on the annual Fringe Festival Theatrical Production, and Pan Asian Dance Performances.

Multimedia Arts Production – AMA has produced a variety of educational videos and television programs to broadcast at the local channels and featured at AMA youth blog site – “Youth In Charge.”.  Through these productions, we bring to the communities important messages and inspiring discussion.  Our past and current productions include,: documentaries; "East Meets West" (airing since 1989); "Helping Youth Succeed"; "Compulsive Gambling Educational Video"; and various Public Education Media Campaigns.

Multimedia Technology – Multimedia Technology is an important factor for our community building, which includes: the “Youth in Charge” youth weblog and APA ComMNet, which is an internet-based network to help community agencies in Minnesota share information on the web in diverse Asian languages.

Radio ASIA (Asian Station in American) – A 24-hour HD radio station at 106.1 HD 3, is the first of its kind in the nation, serving Pan Asians, along with 24/7 web streaming at www.radioasia.org.  Radio ASIA is committed to the creation of radio broadcasting by and for Pan Asians from diverse cultures, languages, and under-represented by local media, in order to expand audiences with innovative and educational programs that stimulate beyond his/her worldviews.

RICE (Reaching Immigrant with Case and Education) – RICE provides services to artists and AAPIs, especially young artists, with counseling, financial literacy workshops and other supportive services. For example, What About Us? is a support group for female youth artists that helps the participants better understand and navigate their bi-cultural lives.  This division also includes – “Ramen Ya” - the transitional housing that offers shelter, employment training, and intervention services.  The Ramen Ya (Noodle House) transitional housing supports six beds for runaway and homeless girls with safe and dignified living, up to 18 months.